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Obesity is a normal disease… but comes with a big list of unwanted CONSEQUENCES

Would you like to marry a person who has 100 kg weight?   Off-course NOT; No-one would like to do.
Obesity is just not like a fever which could be avoided; it might be a lifelong nightmare. Obese people do not say but they feel isolated, they have lesser friends (because people usually mock on them) and face social discrimination, negligence, rejection, underestimation, hesitation etc.  In today’s scenario when bodybuilding and celebrity looks have achieved more importance than ever, obesity is also spreading like an epidemic.
We have a simple vision "Healthy, Slim & Fit World". We believe “Weight problem should be considered as a normal disease and treating it shouldn’t be looked down upon”. “A person suffering from viral fever or cold is treated by giving right kind of medicines similarly to people suffering from obesity and weight problem should not shy away from treatment. Obesity can be cured by taking the right kind of medicines and a healthy diet."
Obe 2 Slim (A Clinic Managing Overweight & Obese)
Obe 2 Slim is an Advance Obesity Care Centre, an initiative by Dr Nimish Bamta, was founded in 2001. It is a complete Obesity Care weight Loss Centre which is situated at the middle of the towns Ahmedabad, Baroda, Anand, Kalol & Mehsana with facilities for Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of obesity & its complications.
We are an Obesity Care & Hormone Clinic, having branches over 5 cities and coming with a  new cyber clinic; we posses Weight loss program, Diet Department, Obesity Clinic, Education Department and Database of More than 10000 Obesity Patients.
 At Obe 2 Slim we comprise facilities like Telemedicine & DTMS (Dynamic Telephone Management System) for the patients who are not able to reach at our Clinic on regular basis from India and other Countries.
We do not just apply traditional methods; with 10 years of successful practice; we also have learned a lot in dealing with obesity. We treat our patients with actual knowledge which gives sure results to patients.