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Prevention is better than Cure 14-11-2018

Nowadays doctors are practicing for illness not for preventing diseases but Dr. Nimish comments that prevention is better than cure. He says that his ultimate aim is to make people medicines and diseases free. We treat the people by educating them how to eat, what to eat. Dr. Nimish explains further that it does not matter you are taking low calories food or not, this thought of low calorie is just, if you are not burning calories, it will store in a body, in organs and ultimately will damage to your system and metabolism.

Losing weight is a complete rejuvenation of body,  you get better looks as well as health. At Obe2Slim we follow “learn to burn” which we use for the treatment of our patients. We have seen many patients, who got bariatric surgery after doctor’s counseling and good offers but regain weight after surgeries.

We advise and push people to leave excuses and start physical activity, they can start slowly but regular and cut oil & sugar form food. So that appetite could be satisfied and should take protein (if uric acid is normal) and fibres in the form of sabji, salad and soup.

New people self & by guidance of gym Trainers & hearbal life sellers,  people use to increase protein while loosing weight, thats  Good but we only recommend needed protein after checking protein metabolism, as number of people - patients damage their joints - kidney - hair & even heart by high uric acid levels in body. 

Never skip or replace meals by only salads- soups - fruits or various shakes of protein & fibers  to loose weight, because 90-95%weight loss achieved by such diet - regains, even people use to put on extra Kgs of weight than previous when they have started such diet. Ultimately such diet plans slow.

Slow downs metabolism & Today's Era 's all diseases like Diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, uric acid, digestion issues like gas,acidity,constipation.... Etc all are metabolism diseases.

Here we help to treat root cause of obesity like slow metabolism, disturbed hormones & irregular life style.