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Obesity is a complex condition that raises serious health risks and can contribute to a lower quality of life.  The definition of obesity is simple:

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What are the side effects of obesity 12-09-2017


It’s easy to gain Weight. Heck, there are lots of delicious temptations all around us! What’s different is shedding the unwanted pounds/kgs and keeping them off. Admit it, we all w Read more[..]

Secrets To Stay Healthy During Festival Time 16-10-2017

Festivals are very Important and Divergent Part of the Lives from Centuries. It comes with Read more[..]

Prevention is better than Cure 14-11-2018

Nowadays doctors are practicing for illness not for preventing diseases but Dr. Nimish comments that prevention is better than cure. He says that his ultimate aim is to make people medicines and diseases free. We treat the people by educating them how to eat, what to eat. Dr. Nimish explains further Read more[..]