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Obesity is Mother of all Diseases.

Doctor is on a mission - to help obese - overweight people to get relief in diseases, physical - social - psychological hazards due to obesity. Let's together throw this unnecessary fat away from body.


1) Generally metabolism is root cause
2) If cause is hormones
3) Life style is the major cause of gaining weight. We help people by guiding them to manage their life style.
4) For female if weight gain is after pregnancy / menopause/ long bed rest due to any reason
5) If weight gain is after surgery / accident / any medication / long bed rest due to any reason
6) If cause is Hereditary / Genetic
7) Not only look

We just don’t go for Cosmetic Weight Loss / We Search cause of gaining Weight; try to help to relief in diseases & physical complain developed after gaining weight.   
Today we are having 5 branches in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Anand, Kalol, Mehsana where we have successfully treated more than 10000 people and find the best slimming centre in gandhinagar, many of them were very severe cases. 
We do deeply counselling and with full interest use to get involve in their Life style that how they are burning calories regularly and taking variety of food with proper frequency without keeping much gap between two meals to increase their metabolism.
Counselling, Motivation, Inspirations will be Provided unlimited for improving and support for patient's better life.
We use most effective and safe homoeopathic medicines to improve impaired hormones, metabolism or diseases generated after gaining weight.
As per disease we give/suggest modern medicines.
We take care for their proper nutrition, we provide supplements especially fat soluble vitamins so that person losing weight does not suffer from any kind of deficiency. specifically after losing weight skin becomes dull , aging effect shows, wrinkles comes we take care to prevent such kind of trouble of weight loss With 10 years of successful practice we also have learned a lot in dealing with obesity.
Our vision is very simple just like. "healthy, slim & Fit World".
We think “weight problem should be considered as a normal disease and treating it shouldn’t be looked down upon”. “A person suffering from viral fever or cold is treated by giving right kind of medicines similarly people suffering from obesity and weight problem should not shy away from treatment. Obesity can be cured by taking right kind of medicines and healthy diet."

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